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Registration of an LLC

Possibly the best and most common structure for internet business owners is the humble US LLC. Quick and cheap to set up, easy to maintain, with a great reputation and unlimited options for banking, payment processors and credit cards, there’s a lot to like here.

Despite outward appearances, many people consider the USA to be one of the best countries to start a business as a foreigner. There may be a few extra hoops to jump through but generally the country is accommodating.

Depending on the state, taxes and fees vary – sometimes wildly. Most common states are Delaware and Wyoming, however New Mexico seems to be increasingly popular.

Usually Delaware LLCs are favorite among larger companies or online businesses taking outside investment, due to the extensive corporate case law that the state has under its belt. Wyoming LLCs are more affordable and can offer greater privacy, so these are more commonly used for small businesses.


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Signing the Register

Limited Liability Company

Details below refer to the Limited Liability Company.

      • Entity Type: Company
      • Liability: Limited
      • Law Type: Common
      • Time to Establish Entity: 1 day
      • Corporate Tax Rate: 21%
      • Double Taxation TreatiesMany
      • Min. Shareholders: 1
      • Min. Directors: 1
      • Resident Director: Not Required
      • Min. Secretaries: 0
      • Resident Secretary: Not Required
      • Minimum Share Capital: USD$0
      • Public Records: No
      • Auditing: Not Required
      • Return Filing: Annual

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