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Registration of an AS & LS

There are two kinds of limited liability companies in Turkey. There are certain similarities and differences between these two forms, namely Anonim Sirket (“AS”) and Limited Sirket (“LS”). Similarities and differences are as follows;

Both AS and LS are actually limited liability companies where the liability of shareholders of both the AS and the LS are limited to their respective capital commitment in the company. Both AS and LS can be established by sole shareholders.

Under the current Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102 (the “TCC”), minimum capital required for LS is 10,000.00 Turkish Liras (approximately €4,249.- EUR as of 18.01.2013) and a minimum capital of 50,000.00 Turkish Liras (approximately €21,250.- EUR as of 18.01.2013) is required for the incorporation of an AS. However, for the AS companies which accepted the registered capital system, it is a requirement to have a minimum capital of 100,000.00 Turkish Liras.

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