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Registration of an LLP

Known for: Ecommerce, Payment Processing, Service Businesses
Reputation: Excellent
Bank Account Opening: Easy

Very similar to the British Columbia LLP, the UK LLP is not seen as a separate entity and usually has no tax burden. This is known as a tax neutral, pass-through entity.

UK LLPs are popular among non-residents who do not trade in the UK, as it often results in 0% tax. That is, if you and your business partner own 50% of a UK LLP, and your business generated a $100k profit, each of you will declare $50k on your personal tax return.

Of course, as with all things international tax, it does come down to the situation of the individuals who run the business.
In general however, these are incredibly cheap and easy to set up and maintain, with lots of digital banking solutions available, and the brand name payment processors you’re probably on the lookout for.
Many people from Eastern Europe use a UK LLP to operate through as their customers find it more trustworthy than when they traded through a local company in Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine and beyond.

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Signing the Register

Limited Liability Company

Details below refer to the Limited Liability Company.

Entity Type: Partnership
Liability: Limited
Law Type: Common
Time to Establish Entity: 1 day
Partnership Tax Rate: 0%
Double Taxation TreatiesMany
. Partners: 2
Resident Partner: Not Required
Min. Secretaries: 0
Resident Secretary: Not Required
Minimum Capital: GBP£0
Public Records: Yes (by default)
Auditing: Under GBP£10.2M turnover
Return Filing: Annual

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